Glamping Tent Sites

Glamping tent with picnic table outside

Imagine, pulling into your campsite, and your tent is already set up! At the Finger Lakes Campground we have two "Glamping Tents" featuring a large deck, furnished with chairs to relax on and enjoy your time camping. There are also the standard offerings such as a fire pit, picnic table, and nearby restrooms. Please bring the normal things you will need for camping: Air mattresses, Sleeping bags, pillows, marshmallows etc.. But leave the tent set up to us!

Our Tents are military grade vinyl tents, built on decks that keep you off the ground. Each tent has a screened in front with a door, and provides a large deck to relax on. The glamping tents can be configured to pull the sides down or remain open with a screen front.

We offer two different sizes for the glamping enthusiast. Sites G1 and G2 are 12x14. You must provide your own sleeping bag, mat and or air mattress.